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Valinoti / Puzio - Archaeological restoration and ceramic design

a.a. 2017-2018

This section contains the lessons of Isabella Valinoti and Daniela Puzio to the undergraduate students of the course of Aegean Civilization, held by Prof. A. M. Jasink at the University of Florence.  

The first lesson is on the history and the purpose of restoration, the degradation of ceramics and the first operations to be done during an archaeological excavation.

The second lesson, much more practical, is about all stages of restoration (cleaning, reconstruction and integration of the missing parts), photography (how to photograph archaeological pottery) and the archaeological drawing (instrument and techniques).

Since the seminars were for Italian students, texts and  slides are in Italian. Table of contents:

1. Lineamenti di restauro archeologico.pdf

2. Restauro e disegno ceramico.pdf


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