Bank on Aegean Subjects
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1. On-line images of the textbook



Preistoria e protostoria egea e cipriota

Firenze University Press, Firenze 2015






You find here a series of figures with didactic purposes which complete the print volume

For the login and password to obtain the free access to the captions and the images contact:



2. On-line University lectures

We are implementing this section with a series of lectures, conferences, seminars, about specific themes, with an educational aim. At the same time they offer some outlines on aspects of the Aegean civilisations which are not often object of discussion. Each of the proposed lectures has already been experimented as a vis à vis instrument, and only subsequently has been revised and written to be read.

At the moment we offer this series of lectures only in Italian, but, on request, they might be translated also in English.
A brief summary of each lecture and the name of the author can be seen directly. To read the whole series you need a login and password, which will be given individually writing to, on specific request, obviously without any payment. 
We rely also on suggestions and we are ready to accept lectures by young researchers who, in this way, can have both a recognition of their works and give a contribution to our educational purposes.



3. On-line Primary School lessons


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