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MUSINT II project


MUSINT II project

MUSINT2 is a natural development of MUSINT and is concerned with a further virtual interactive museum related to archaeological Aegean topics.

At variance with MUSINT, which deals with Aegean and Cypriote findings from various Institutions in Tuscany, MUSINT2 assembles a single typology of objects, the whole of the sealed administrative documents discovered at Haghia Triada (Crete) collected in two Italian Museums, in Rome and Florence, respectively, and belonging to a single one of the Aegean civilisations periods, the Neopalatial period in Crete.

The aim of this interactive museum arises from analogous reasons to MUSINT: 1) the difficulty to access to these findings, both for their dislocation in two different museums and for their limited exhibition to the public. 2) the idea of gathering together all these materials in a single virtual museum which is based on information and communication technologies: this responds to the general need of a better fruition of archaeological patrimony.

The target of MUSINT2 includes visitors interested in scientific research who have simultaneous access to both a 3-dimensional representation of the single objects and to a database of their whole collection; these and other suggestions (photogalleries, renderings, historical data and so on) may attract a more general public. A specific section is dedicated to young visitors, with the aim to involve them with an active partecipation to the rediscovery of our cultural heritage.

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