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Cini - Digital 3D models for conservation and dissemination of Cultural Heritage. The case of MUSINT

a.a. 2012-13

Daniela Cini

GeCo - Geomatics for Conservation & Communication of Cultural Heritage Laboratory,
University of Florence

The set of slides, notes and references in this section will introduce students of Aegean Civilization Studies to the technological field of 3D digitization - particularly through triangulation laser scanning - and reality-based modeling in Archeology and Art History. The project MUSINT (2010-2012), coordinated by Prof. A. M. Jasink, gives a very good example of the purposes of "virtual heritage" today: an effective recording of the present condition of the artifacts, and also a dynamic representation to extend access to scattered collections through digital media. Texts are in Italian.


3D survey and its employment in the Cultural Heritage field (Il rilievo 3D e le sue finalità nel settore dei Beni Culturali) 

PDF (174.57 KB)



The virtual visit on MUSINT's website (La visita virtuale sul Sito MUSINT)

PDF (87.63 KB)



For MUSINT project: Triangulation-based laser scanning survey and data processing stages to generate 3D models (Per il progetto MUSINT: Rilievo con laser scanner a triangolazione e fasi di elaborazione dei modelli 3D) 

PDF (140.92 KB)



All images included in this set of slides are used and must be used only for educational objectives.

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