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Caloi - Introduction to tholos tombs of Messara (Southern Crete) in Pre- and Protopalatial periods

a.a. 2012-13

Ilaria Caloi

This lesson represents a general introduction to the phenomenon of the emergence of the Cretan circular tombs – the so-called “tholos tombs” - which originated in the Early Bronze Age especially in  the southern part of the island and lasted until the end of the Middle Bronze Age and also subsequently.
The lesson will focus on the necropoles of Messara and its aim is to offer both a general outline of the problems and the history of the archaeological researches on this topic, followed by some bibliographical references, which could be useful for anyone being interested in some specific aspects of the topic.  It is part of a seminar which will hold at the University of Florence in Spring 2013.
The lesson is organized in two parts: a text containing a general discussion which makes reference to the slides presented in the second part.

Introduzione alle tombe a tholos della Messarà:

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