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Kruklidis - Communicating archaeology and architecture: multimedia reconstructions ...

a.a. 2013-14; a.a. 2016-2017

Panaiotis Kruklidis

Originally developed as a master degree thesis in Architecture, under the direction of prof. Giorgio Verdiani and prof. Anna Margherita Jasink, this research dwells within the world described by Homer in the Iliad and Odyssey. This work is also connected with MUSINT (Interactive Museum of Aegean collections in Tuscany).

In dealing with virtual and graphic elaboration, several problems must be faced and interpreted. Previously, several typological choices have been attempted to define a satisfactory approach. In archaeology, when evidence is meager and multiple interpretations are possible, specific methodologies are heavily needed and a recourse to specialists with a variety of expertises is almost mandatory.In the present work, in order to accomplish a reasonable reconstruction of ancient cities and heroes, we applied several research tools including, starting from an updated bibliography, the necessary notions learned on site, free-hand drawings and computer graphics with tablet. In this way 3D reconstruction models fully compatible with the available evidences were obtained.

The correct reconstruction of ancient cities was pursued according to the following steps:

  • Generating a terrain with the level.
  • Creating maps of the latest archaeological discoveries.
  • Deepening the documentation of proposed reconstructions.
  • Creating photographic textures on site.
  • High resolution rendering with a 3D software.
  • Ending retouch of the image through a photo editing program.

A corrected illustration from the historical point of view requires:

  • Studing the ancient sources.
  • Searching archaeological materials, related to the considered historical period.
  • Studing ancient and modern iconographic sources.
  • Creating a sketch, a colour drawing with on a software of retouch image, with the help of various texturing techniques


Comunicare l'archeologia e l'architetturaTecniche per la ricostruzione: dal reperto archeologico alla grafica multimediale 




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