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Pollastri - Mycenaean and Cypriot ware imports in Palestine

a.a. 2012-13

Francesco Pollastri

The aim of these lectures is to provide new insights about the Jerusalem of the Late Bronze Age concerning the relationship with the Cypriot and Mycenaean trade. In order to understand the material evidence brought to light it was considered necessary to investigate the broader landscape of Palestine at the time. For this reason in the first lesson we will investigate the phenomenon of the Cypriot and Mycenaean imports in Palestine, providing a clear picture through the analysis of the most important contexts of the region. The emerging picture is the result of the most recent and accurate research on the Cypriot and Aegean imports in Palestine.
After tracing the broader picture about this phenomenon, in the second lesson we move to examine specifically Jerusalem, the city and the multiple burials nearby. The emerging picture is marked by phenomena of different nature: clans competition, use of imported pottery as status symbol, presence of nomadic groups and a caravan trade.

- Importazioni egee e cipriote in palestina durante il tardo bronzo un caso studio: le elites cananee di gerusalemme:





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