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Warbinek - The Ahhiyawa Question and Western Anatolia

a.a. 2013-14; a.a. 2016-17

Livio Warbinek

The present lecture presents an overview of the relationship between the Aegean and the Anatolian civilisations worlds during the II millennium B.C., taking into consideration the complex topic defined as the “Ahhiyawa Question”. The aim is to show the relations between Ahhiyawa and the Anatolian mainland providing both Hittite/philological and Mycenaean/archaeological sources. At the end of the lesson are also given the results obtained through the compilation of the DBAS-AQ database, created by the University of Florence in order to collect the data of the “Ahhiyawa Question” on the basis of Hittite sources.

Because the seminar was for Italian students, the text and the slides are in Italian.

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