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Dionisio - Theoretical and practical elements of the Restoration of Archaeological Ceramics

a.a. 2015-16

Giulia Dionisio 

This section contain a series of lectures that Giulia Dionisio delivered to the undergraduate students of the Aegean Civilizations Laboratory, held by Prof. A. M. Jasink at the University of Florence.   

The first four lessons are theoretical and deal with the ceramic classification, the distinction between the various types of restoration (conservative, aesthetic and virtual restoration), the causes and effects of the archaeological ceramic degradation and the first operations to be performed during an archaeological excavation.  

The last three lessons concern the practical part of the laboratory and deal with the main restoration steps that must be performed on an ancient ceramic artefact (cleaning, sticking and integration of the missing parts).

1. Theoretical lectures (Lessons 1-4)

2. Archaeological ceramics: Cleaning

3. Archaeological ceramics: Sticking

4. Archaeological ceramics: Integration of the missing parts

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