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Barandoni - Pathologies affecting archaeological sites and ruined buildings

a.a. 2015-16; a.a. 2016-17

The "vulnerability"  of ruined buildings is generally very different than that of buildings that are still standing because they may have very different pathologies and levels of risk, though they have high resistance levels too. Ruins in general adapt to environmental conditions and they go under risks when, present in archaeological sites, they are left without protections; in architectural buildings the situation is worse because of low tolerance thresholds, i.e. a load difficult to support. 

One of the most significant aspect to consider is dynamic condition afert restoration and the resulting variability of conditions that buildings in state of riuns will experience. Here follows a list of examples fron Crete in which it is clear that the difficulties of acting on archaeological buildings are strictly linked to the conditions they underwent


Patologie presenti nelle aree archeologiche e negli edifici allo stato di rudere


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